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About Our Network

Experts OnTap specializes in connecting our clients with subject matter experts specializing in the Biotechnology, Diagnostics, Medical Device, and Pharmaceutical industries.  It is completely free for experts, and participation in any and all consultations is voluntary.

1. Complete your profile

Once you register, and are approved, you will receive access to our Expert Portal, where you can view open consulting opportunities, adjust your engagement preferences, and manage all of your consultations. By uploading your resume/CV, our in-house team and experiential identification algorithm are able to match your background with relevant consulting opportunities that fit your expertise and interests.

2. Receive consulting opportunities

Consulting opportunities that match your expertise and interest will be delivered right to your inbox. If you are interested in participating in a consulting opportunity there will be a link to indicate your interest and an Experts OnTap account rep will reach out to discuss the details.

3. Seamless Consultation

Depending on the type of consultation (Braintap, Lifeline, Reinforcement, etc…) an Experts OnTap account rep will facilitate and make sure everything is as smooth as possible.

4. Receive Payment

Upon completion of the consultation, Experts OnTap will remit payment to you for your time spent with the client. For longer term projects, payment will be remitted as the work is completed.