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    Experts OnTap is the answer for when you need highly specialized expertise, in a flexible engagement model. We partner with companies to custom source, vet, and engage the top subject matter experts, consultants, and individual contributors all in a 100% "pay-per-use" model. 

We are way more than just an expert database or referral network...

Our strategic approach to expert sourcing is backed by AI driven targeting, hand vetting, and real-world analytics and insight.  No stone goes un-turned as we precisely align the expertise you are looking for with backgrounds from our network.  Not to mention how transparent and seamless it is to engage with the expert you select...

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Precise Expert Sourcing

We custom-source the expertise you are seeking to-a-"T".   Our 4 key vetting areas ensure that you are provided qualified experts matching desired EXPERTISE, WORK EXPERIENCE, AVAILABILITY, and BUDGET.

Seamless Engagement

Upon selecting an expert, our world-class expert management system provides granular time-reporting and approval, while allowing you to manage your projects right from your inbox.

"The Expertise Multi-Tool"

With a focus across the industry, we are a single hub for all expertise driven needs.  All of our consultations are under a single agreement, making it seamless to "turn-on" and "turn-off" expertise as needed. 

Our unique approach brings you world class sourcing techniques in an easy to use model...

Popular Engagement Models

Due Diligence

We strategically source, vet, and engage industry experts to help our clients assess new/adjacent markets, acquisitions, and initiatives. 

Targeted Projects

We provide on-demand access to consultants who supplement internal expertise to run projects, implement processes, and stand-up new initiatives



We provide access to targeted reinforcements when headcount is constrained, hiring does not make sense, or full time effort is not necessarily required.

* all of our engagements are customizable and are delivered in a 100% "pay-per-use" model

Our niche industry focus sets us apart.

We specialize in the Biotechnology, Diagnostics, Medical Device, and Pharmaceutical industries.

Functional Depth

We span the entire drug/product lifecycle with depth of expertise in BusDev/M&A, Product Development, Clinical, Commercialization, Marketing, Supply Chain, Engineering, Manufacturing, Regulatory Affairs, Sales Strategy, and Quality Assurance. 

Therapeutic Specialities

Aesthetic/Laser, Anesthesiology, Anti-Infective,  Arthroscopy, Audiology,  Autoimmune,  Biologics,  Bone/Osteoporosis, Cardiology,  Central Nervous System, Dental, Dermatology,  Diabetes,  Endocrinology, Hematology,  HIV,  Imaging, Immunology, Implants, Infection Prevention, Interventional, IVD, Men’s Health, Nephrology, Neurology, Oncology,  Ophthalmology,  Orthopedics,  Pain,  Pediatric,  Pulmonary,  Radiology,  Rare Disease,  Respiratory,  Rheumatology,  Robotics,  Surgical,  Surgical Instruments,  Toxicology,  Trauma,  Urology,  Vaccines,  Vascular,  Women’s Health / OBGyn,   Wound, etc...

Our Process

Request Expertise

Every Experts OnTap client has an account manager they can tap to kick-off an expert search.  Our team works with the client to understand the technical, cultural, strategic, budget and timing requirements to provide "spot on" experts to select from.  Our team responds to requests via email, phone, or online meeting and can be scheduled at the clients convenience.

Experiential Vetting

Our client success team will immediately begin identifying talent that matches both the technical and experiential requirements of the client.  We leave no stone un-turned, and hand vet the specialized pool of industry talent to hone in on 2-5 top consultants that "fit-the-bill."

Expert Selection

Our client success team will share detailed profiles, rates and availability of the top consultants in our network for our client to select from.  Since all of these consultants are "in-network" selecting and engaging is only a few clicks away.

Featured Success Stories

Capital Equipment Company Implementing Sales and Operations Planning Process (S&OP)

CAPITAL EQUIPMENT company was looking to increase efficiency by implementing and S&OP process.  There was incongruence between the Sales and Operations teams, and the client determined implementing a new process would reduce inefficiency and be a catalyst to scale their success. 

Biopharmaceutical Company Exploring the Ophthalmology Market

BIOPHARMACEUTICAL COMPANY was seeking expert guidance to understand the nuances of the Ophthalmology marketplace to explore and assess the viability of new market opportunity for a current asset.  The client was looking to leverage folks with both the technical and qualitative background to systematically explore avenues that may be relevant fits.

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