Trade Compliance for Global Diagnostics Company

By Experts OnTap

A commercializing medical device came to us with an urgent need in expertise navigating customs compliance, FDA clearance, and tariffs to ensure seamless logistics.

Within days Experts On Tap was able to connect our client with a leading logistics and regulatory compliance expert using our Lifeline M...

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Manufacturing Strategy for Cutting Edge Cell Therapy

By Experts OnTap

A leading bio-pharmaceutical company came to us in need of an expert with decades of targeted depth in a very specific aspect of cell therapy.  They had a short window to complete a manufacturing due diligence and evaluate a facility to support their latest cell therapy technology.

Within days w...

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Critical Make Vs. Buy Assessment for Multi-Billion Dollar Medical Device Company

By Experts OnTap

A top 50 medical device company came to us in need of a seasoned operations leader to guide their team through a critical decision as whether to make a product in-house or use external contract manufacturing organizations.

Their selected consultant enabled timely decision-making and ultimately comple...

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